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We are Express Driving School Once you enroll, you can be sure that the professionals at Express Driving School will work diligently to help make you the safest driver you can be. We can guarantee you interesting classes consisting of lively discussions, problem solving and contemporary topics. The course consists of many hours of classroom instruction in sessions as well as several hours of actual behind the wheel instruction. To ensure the quality of the program, we limit the number of students per class. This facilitates discussions and allows the instructor to draw information from the student. Please review our information and contact us about our prices.

BE SURE - You have made the right choice, because our driving instructors are especially prepared to teach men and women, people whose age is in a range of 16 to 100 years old, nervous, aggressive or people who are afraid to sit in the driver's seat, people with any native language. So, Don't Worry. We will take care of you. We have just one request for you: listen very carefully to your driving instructor, follow all orders and suggestions and you will succeed.


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